Awem Life

Awem Life


Engaging Projects

We make the games that we like to play ourselves.

Career Prospects

Work on yourself: we support your efforts and your professional development.

Relocation Assistance

We’ll handle the headache of moving and take care of all relocation issues.

Care Bonus

A benefit that fits your needs. You can have the “perks” you want from a wide range of options.

Pleasant Workplace

Comfy offices and help setting up your at-home work area. "Snacks" are a given! :)

Active Life

Awem Camp, Awem New Year’s Party, hangouts and professional conferences.


Mutual respect and trust is a part of our people-based business culture.


Salaries are tied to the currency exchange rate.

Work & Fun

We have fun the same way we work: with intensity and drive

Twice a year, we gather the whole company together and throw a mega-party

We’ll restart this tradition as soon as we are able to.