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New Update is here!


Amazing news! A new Cradle of Empires update is finally here! Enjoy!





- Ready to try your luck? A new structure has appeared in the game: the Wheel of fortune! Spin the wheel every day and win amazing prizes! May fortune smile upon you! The structure is available from glory level 8.

New achievement: What Luck! Spin the Wheel of fortune five or more times and get free crystals! The more spins, the more crystals!

- The Sphinx can be upgraded to level 6! Complete new levels every day! Cross rivers and go through teleporters to get your well-earned reward!

- Special offer: a free chest along with your purchase! In May only, you can get a chest with a reward inside along with your purchases in the bank! Don't miss out on this special chance to see what's in the chest!


Don’t forget to share your feedback with us! Thanks for playing!

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