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New Update is out!

New update is here!


A new Cradle of Empires update for iOS devices is finally here!
The Portal of Worlds has appeared on the mysterious island! Update Cradle of Empires and find out what's on the other side!

- New location: Cloud Islands! 15 exciting levels and a unique reward await you! The location will appear on the 5th of May.

- 32 new unique collections – gather all collectibles to get more energy, spells, bonuses and charges.

- 240 breathtaking quests will keep you busy throughout the game.

- New achievement the Sphinx Treasures: The more chests you open, the greater your reward!

- Prices on some charges were reduced!

- The levels of the Cave are easier now!

- Visual update of the Shop and Inventory.

- Match-3 effects were improved. Playing is even more fun now!

- Bug fixes and great improvements to make your favorite game even more exciting!

We hope you will enjoy these new features!
Thank you for playing Cradle of Empires!

Get free Crystals, find new friends and read latest news about the game here:

Happy gaming! 
Awem Games Team


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Awesome game! thanks for updating
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Thank you, this post is very actual now!