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Letters from Nowhere Review. Mystery of the Past

Pros: Intriguing storyline. Well-balanced gameplay. Nice bonus system. Polished artwork and haunting music. Mysterious atmosphere.

Cons: Short length.

Dramatic events of the past find their reflection at present in Letters from Nowhere, a mysterious hidden object game by Awem studio. If you are a fan of “Twin Peaks”, the popular TV series, and love thrilling stories with a touch of mysticism, then Letters from Nowhere is for you!

As Letters from Nowhere game opens, you learn that Audrey’s husband goes missing under very mysterious circumstances and the police were of no help. Short after Patrick’s disappearance Audrey finds an unco letter which warns her against danger. Following mysterious letters, the young woman sets on her own investigation.

Letters from Nowhere has simple but attractive gameplay. While many other hidden object games mix various kinds of tasks, which makes them complex as a result, Letters from Nowhere is more focused on its intriguing storyline and well balanced gameplay.

Each location has a list of items which you need to find. Some items are represented as words while others give you their descriptions. So get ready to guess what a “portable roof”, or “brought at movies”, or “the 20th letter” is. Besides, there are puzzle items on some locations, though they are not many. In order to collect a puzzle item, you need to combine its two parts together. For example in order to “grow a plant” you need to find a watering can and water a plant.

One of the most distinctive features of Letters from Nowhere game is its buyable bonuses.  For finding hidden items you score points which you can later spend on bonuses. However, before a purchased bonus can be used you need to find it in the location. There are four bonuses in total. The most fun for me are the Thermometer bonus which shows hot-and-cold areas and the Palette bonus which changes the list of hidden items to their pictures.

Apart from puzzle items and a great bonus system which are a nice touch to the game, Letters from Nowhere have items which hide mini-games. They are rather few and quite simple but at the same time they provide a nice break from hidden object gameplay.

On top of all, every Letters from Nowhere location contains three hidden stamps. Finding 50 stamps unlocks Unlimited Mode with even more challenges. All your achievements are rewarded with trophies which can be published to the player’s profile on Awem.

A special attention is given to the storyline of the game. The plot is more than a mere narration. With every new chapter there is the right amount of clues to keep the player interested. The feeling of vagueness and mystery is present throughout the whole game.

All in all, Letters from Nowhere is a simple but engaging hidden object game with a well written story which holds the player in suspense up to the final scenes. Soft and at the same time haunting à la “Twin Peaks” music and beautiful artwork add greatly to the mysterious atmosphere of the game, thus creating a very well polished title. Letters from Nowhere is no doubt a must try for hidden object fans!


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