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New Update for Android is Here!


A new update of Cradle of Empires for Android devices with lots of awesome improvements has arrived!
Hurry to download!

- New idols have appeared: Anubis, Thoth, Bes and Isis! Each of them will give you incredible power!

- You can sail to the Lands of Insanity on the Ship and find the last piece of the diagram for the Gate and open the Cave!

- The Cave opens up four new locations! Treasure hunt and living stones will lead you into mossy labyrinth and frosty depths.
- Prepare to encounter new obstacles: the Spider and the Ice Mushroom.
- The Hut, Field and Pottery buildings can be upgraded to level 7. New locations and resource tiles unlocked at each level!
- Fed up of playing the same mode? Change it with a single button press in the building selector!
- At the end of the level you will always find something!
- 81 new collections!
- 815 exciting quests!

Update your game now and enjoy these new features! 


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And update for IOS.
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