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Spring Feeling

I won’t be mistaken if say that spring is the most long-awaited season (100% for me). Shinning sun and verdant grass, pipes, promenades along quays… It sounds prettily, isn’t it?

And with it, in spring I start to regret all these tasty pizzas and double burgers I treated myself to. Or maybe you are a sweet tooth and were treating cakes and chocolates? Well, I’m one of you…

It’s time to get ready for the new season! I see brave runners here and there. The fitness centers became overcrowded. And, frankly speaking, I had the idea to call on the gym round the corner.

The casual games market seems to march in step. The Dinertown citizens go en masse to Jo the Jogger’s gyms in Fitness Dashgame. And Vikki works day and night to help people get fit and feel great in Fitness Frenzy. Of course, they won’t help you lose a kilogram or two. But you can pick up some useful exercises.

In any case, spring has come! And in spite of everything enjoy these rosy aromas hovering in air and bask in the sunshine. Vive springtime!
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Plans for 2009 Part 2: new games from Awem

In continuation of my first blog where I wrote about all innovations awaiting you at I think it’s time to share with you our game projects.

This year will be rich on games from our studio.

Keeping the tendency we also head for Hidden Object games. Awem is planning to launch at least 3 seek-and-find games. The upcoming one is Romance Of Rome. It uses a traditional approach to the genre and, at the same time, has lots of challenging puzzles and original twists to entertain you.

At the same time Awem employees are working on Wild West hidden object. Players go on the world of bandits, bank robbery, secret maps; plunge into adventures... Passionate love, treachery and a rush for wealth - all these await you.

Who doesn’t love mystery? I adore it. This led us to the game with stories and enigmas in it. Our new hidden objects game will be made in the best traditions of Stephen King’s science fiction. After all, what better motivation for playing a game than finding out what happens next?

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Casual games…

Do you like playing games? Do you know that the games you play are called casual games?

Very often the term “casual” confuses most players. Actually, there is nothing to write home about. They are the games that you can play from time to time just to relax, to spend an hour or two…

Casual games are of different genres and game-play. You may manage a farm (the Farm Frenzy series), create an ancient empire (Cradle Of Rome), investigate a mysterious case (Mushroom Age). You may be in charge of a tribe lost somewhere on the islands (My Tribe and Totem Tribe). You may go further and take a trip through time as in Mortimer Beckett and The Time Paradox, Alabama Smith in Escape from Pompeii.

I can make a bet that many of you don’t know that the first casual game was … Tetris. This hit of the 90th was invented by a Russian computer programmer in 1984. Of course, the term “casual games” appeared much later, in February 2000.

Nowadays casual games are not only a pleasant pastime, but the rapidly rising industry. Since 2002 many companies engaged in casual games industry have appeared.

So, you are welcome to join their adepts and become an ace casual gamer!
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Trophies: 182 / 422

User of February

Our best wishes to Kitty!

This time a game from Awem studio goes to Kitty, the most devoted and active user of February. She left 23 posts and won in The Best Profile contest.

We are very happy that you play games and find our forums useful to express your opinions, exchange ideas, tips, information and receive faster help.
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Happy St. Valentine’s Day!

It cannot be doubted that St. Valentine’s Day is the most romantic and the sweetest (in a literal sense) holiday of the year. Like any other holiday it has its history, traditions and symbols.

I always associate St. Valentine’s Day with red hearts, fragrant roses, chocolate, pink ribbons, lovely Cupids, teddy bears and snow-white doves.

As St. Valentine’s Day approaching I think it would be nice to mention a few of the games that are well themed for the holiday and are full of romance and high spirits.

Dream Day Wedding games, Chocolatier and The Great Chocolate Chase, Wedding Dash 2, Jewelleria.

Love is an essential part of our life. I wish that on this wonderful day you will hear these words: “Be my Valentine!”

Love each other and show your love, as John Lennon said: "All you need is love".
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Trophies: 182 / 422

User of January


Loo gets a Free Game from Awem studio.

This user was the most active in January and won a free game from Awem studio in The Best Profile] contest.

According to your choise we send you a free copy of Cradle Of Rome.

Welcome everybody to participate in our forums and your efforts will be rewarded.

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Plans for 2009 Part 1:

Last year we started a great re-design of Having launched the beta version of the site (with cute sparrows if you remember) we realized that it’s a huge part of work that flows into infinite innovations. So we put out heads down and went into work. The results are before your eyes. Now I’d like to tell you what is hidden so far.

  • Playing Awem games you can simultaneously develop your own profile. Why not publish your new rank or scores you get? Are you a guru in Star Defender 4? Boast about it on our site.

  • You probably read about upcoming games from Awem studio. Right now we are busy with plugging into them a new system that will give you the possibility to earn various trophies and points and publish them on Having finished with the new games we’ll modernize the already existing.

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    Trophies: 182 / 422

    Be our Beta Tester!

    Be among the first to play the latest Awem games! As an Awem Beta Tester you serve as a key source of suggestions, comments, and criticism that help us make our games the best they can be.

    Who is a Beta Tester?

    To be a Beta Tester means to be the first to play a beta version of Awem’s game and express your opinion by filling up our questionnaire.

    What will I need to do as a Beta Tester?
    • download and install the game you received for testing;

    • play the game and fill out our questionnaire completely ;
      (please desist from leaving free fields and answering just ”Yes” or “No”);

    • let us know what you liked or disliked about the game;

    • provide your suggestions of what could be done to make the game better;

    To say "Thank you" for your time, effort, and feedback, we provide our beta testers with a free copy of the game when it’s officially released! *

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    Hidden Objects rock the word!

    Among all casual games genres Hidden Objects is the most popular nowadays. A little history about Hidden Object games… It all started out of Huntsville. Mystery Case Files: Huntsville is considered to be the first hidden object game.

    It came as a simple game but at that time it was something incredible. From then on, Hidden Object genre has fortified its position among other genres of casual games and undergone some changes. From plain object searching it came to quest-like gameplay and extended itself with elements of other genres like puzzles and/or time-management.

    Hidden Object games are one of the most popular genres nowadays. Why? The answer is on the surface. Playing a Hidden Object game is just like reading an absorbing book or watching a gripping movie. There is a catching plot that takes you to some place, and YOU are the main hero of the story. You live through the game and experience emotions…. No wonder that there are many games which were released after popular books, TV serials and shows. Women's Murder Club: Death in Scarlet, Righteous Kill, National Geographic: Herod’s Lost Tomb or Agatha Cristie games. And, believe me, they were no less successful than paper and TV releases.

    Do you know that every week a new Hidden Object game comes out into the world?

    By the way, Awem studio is planning to launch a number of Hidden Object games this year. Among them is Romance Of Rome, which is planned to be released in March. So, get ready for exciting adventures!
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    The 7th anniversary of Awem studio

    On the 4th January Awem studio celebrated its anniversary. 7 years have passed since Awem was created. It had its rise in a remote 2002 as an unknown company with the first game Pacboy and consisted of only 1 person.

    Currently our team consists of more than 25 employees and steady grows year in year out. As I reflect on these 7 years I can confidently say that our efforts were not in vain and now we are proud of such products as Star Defender 2-4, Cradle Of Rome, Cradle Of Persia, Aquitania.

    We did and continue doing our best to make qualitative and exciting products. Cradle of Rome for example was accepted as the Best Puzzle Game of 2007 and Cradle of Persia received a prize in the nomination ‘Best production values’ in Innovate 2007. This year we are going to release more new titles. Dream Big: Reverie Manor, Romance of Rome, Cradle of Rome 2 are just a few to name.

    I want to thank all our users for being with us and feedback all these years. We value each of you and in 2008 decided to improve and re-design our site to fill it with the best games all over the world. Our support service and moderators on the awem forum pay attention to each letter and personally deal with every request. We try to meet your requirements and 2009 will be the year of even greater improvements and surprises.

    Thanks everybody for being with Awem studio and loving our games.